The guiding principles for the plan review, established by the Australian Government are that:

  1. Plans identify priority landscapes for carbon plantings and strategies to build landscape integrity and guide adaptation and mitigation actions to address climate change impacts on natural ecosystems
  2. Planning process is logical, comprehensive, and transparent
  3. Plans use best available information to develop actions and are based on collaboration with government, community and other stakeholders.

Additional detail relating to the principles is available.

An overview of the process undertaken to prepare the Burnett Mary Natural Resource Management and Climate Adaptation Plan 2015 is depicted in the infographic.

The process has incorporated expert scientific review of natural asset descriptors to capture current best-practice, revision of earlier targets and delivery strategies, consideration of projected climate change futures under different greenhouse gas emission scenarios and evidence-based research findings.  In developing future activities to implement the plan’s strategic directions the findings of consultant reviews of regional industry sectors and the region’s socio-economic status will be considered.  A scan of relevant local government strategic planning documents revealed general policy alignment in terms of addressing natural resource management issues, valuing natural assets and reducing carbon footprints.